by Sudip Maiti
India, 2019

In West Bengal, India, the arduous task of collecting drinking water falls primarily on women and girls, who often journey miles to newly dug sandpits for this vital resource. The burden of collecting and carrying water is reflected in this image of women and a girl, crouched low to the ground and with a long, flat horizon in the background. The unequal responsibility of fetching water is not unique to India but resonates across Asia and Africa, where women cover an average of 6 km daily in search of water. Regardless of the season, they endure the physical strain of carrying heavy water cans, jeoparfdising their health and safety. Access to clean water significantly impacts school attendance among girls, with female participation increasing when communities have a reliable water source.

Sudip Maiti recently started his photography journey, he has exhibited worldwide as well as won several prestigious awards. His creative process is currently exploring the association between mythology, climate change, the environment, and the human relationship with the wild.

This is Gender (In)Equality 2023