by Maisie Broadhead, courtesy of Paintings in Hospitals
UK, 2020

Zoë, a nurse who, like many others, has been tirelessly working during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, finds a moment of rest from the hectic pace of her daily work. The image echoes the visual language of grand portraits from history, adding a layer of dignity and significance to this ordinary scene. Traditionally, nurses have been depicted in art as supporting characters or in service to others, rarely showcased as individuals in their own right. However, this image presents Zoë as the focal point, bringing her presence and serenity to the forefront. Through her art, Maisie aims to make her twin sister Zoë visible, acknowledging her as an A&E nurse at the Whittington Hospital in London.

Maisie Broadhead is a London-based artist, her multi-disciplinary work often re-interprets aesthetics from art history genres, drawing links between narratives past and present.

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