by Gaia Giongo
Milan, Italy, 2023

Men, seated on director's chairs, turn back to gaze at us from behind a shoulder, while graveyards loom in the background. The collage is framed on either side with curtains that evoke a theatre stage or screen. The graves refer to the victims of gender-based violence but the men are looking in the other direction. This evocative artwork symbolises the gender injustice surrounding the discourse on gender-based violence, which society often portrays as a women's issue, with women positioned as victims and fighters against it. However, this artwork challenges this narrative by highlighting that gender-based violence is predominantly perpetrated by men. It is not a mere movie or fiction; it is a pressing reality that demands accountability and engagement.

Gaia Giongo is a visual artist and a PhD student in Gender Studies at the University of Milan-University of Palermo, Italy.

This is Gender (In)Equality 2023