by Luanne Otero
The Ruins of Central Aguirre, Salinas, Puerto Rico, 2020

A woman curled into a ball lies face down surrounded by tubes and bags of blood attached to her exposed back. The persistence of the belief that women are more prone to hysteria has led to harmful stereotypes portraying them as hypochondriacs who exaggerate their illnesses. Such stereotypes perpetuate gender bias within the healthcare system, significantly impacting the quality of care women receive, particularly when it comes to addressing their pain. The faceless and almost formless woman in the artwork reflects how the medical profession has viewed the female body and biology.

Luanne Otero is a photographer who focuses mainly on self-portraiture. Her photography delves into gender politics and women's concerns, as she seeks to push the limits by exploring and depicting intangible subjects.

This is Gender (In)Equality 2023