by Mehreen Zain
Pakistan, 2023

In the office, a woman is taking care of a child while working. South Asian society is delicate when it comes to its gender roles, and the most sacred and significant one is the role of a mother. The family structure relies solely on women for the upbringing of children, whether they are married or single. Society does not allow them to neglect their motherly duties, even when they are at work and expected to fulfil their professional responsibilities. While child daycare facilities exist, they are often subject to judgement from the community. It is the woman alone who is expected to make this sacrifice. A woman's role is still predominantly defined by motherhood; if she does not become a mother, her life is not considered fulfilled.

Mehreen Zain is an artist from Pakistan working in design. In her artistic practice, she is interested in capturing society's paradoxes and patriarchal innuendos.

This is Gender (In)Equality 2023