by Mahé Elipe
Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico, 2023

Four people facing away from the camera huddle together with their hair braided and their arms entwined. The figures are anonymous but they share an intimacy and a strong sense of community. The women in the photograph are part of a network of Mexicans working to facilitate access to safe and free abortions for women and pregnant people across the border in the US. The network was set up in response to a new Texas law, effective from September 2021, that restricts the right to an abortion. In January 2022, several abortion providers' collectives from Guanajuato and Mérida in Mexico met with organisations in Texas to collaborate to improve access to abortion. The photograph represents the transnational cooperation of these activists in Mexico and the US to promote reproductive health and rights.

Mahé Elipe is a French photographer based in Mexico City since 2016, she is part of the Women Photograph collective. Her documentary work focuses on the human condition with a particular interest in the place of women in society.

This is Gender (In)Equality 2023